Customs clearance is an integral part of any import process – while the export of cargo and customs regulations can differ from country to country.

Stork & Cargo Partners offers customs brokerage services to ensure a smooth clearance of goods for all types of shipments to countries worldwide.

Customs clearance includes producing the correct documentation required and making sure all duties are paid so that your cargo can be transported in a timely fashion and is not held up when imported to any given county. We make arrangements that enable you to manage customs marking, codes, forms, analysis, providing paperwork, and general consulting relating to customs and logistics.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your cargo packaging, freight, warehousing, and customs needs. Our customs brokerage services pave the path for the smooth transition of customs clearance and payment of duties so your shipment can be released and continue along its supply chain.

For more information contact us to speak to a customs clearance broker about your business needs.